Cms Cooperative Agreement

1. Type of request for information collection: review of a currently approved collection; Title of the information survey: cooperation agreement for the support of navigators in state-subsidized exchanges; Use: in accordance with Section 1311 (i) of the PPACA, the scholarships must establish a navigation grant program, in which they provide grants to natural and legitimate organizations (as described in paragraph 1311(i) (2) of the PPACA and 45 CFR 155.210 (a) and c)), which apply for consumer service in states with an FFE. Navigators help consumers by providing and facilitating information on qualified health plans (QHPs) on stock markets, as well as other necessary tasks. Institutions and individuals cannot serve as state-controlled navigators and perform the required tasks without obtaining funding from the federal co-operative. This arrangement was put in place by a cooperation agreement HM08-080502CONT12 of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) For Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. All parts of this toolbox can be reused. He was asked to do so. Please quote "Planning Toolkit for Preparing to Access CMS 90-10 Funding for Public Health, PHII, 2016." In addition, cmS intends to publish a Funding Opportunity Communication (NOFO) for up to 40 two-year cooperation agreements, available to national and local governments or their agents, who operate or have a primary or secondary public safety response point (PSAP) that responds to 911 calls in geographic areas involving ambulance suppliers and suppliers. As a condition of the award, Navigator Award winners must accept cooperation with each federal evaluation of the program and submit the necessary weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and final reports (at the end of the cooperation period) in a form prescribed by the CMS and, if necessary, additional reports. Form number: CMS-10463 (OMB ID number: 0938-1215); Frequency: annual, monthly, quarterly, weekly; Public sector concerned: private sector; Number of respondents: 50; Total annual responses: 50; Total annual hours: 20,850.

(For questions about this collection, please contact Gian Johnson at 301-492-4323.) CMS informs candidates of their selection so that they have sufficient time to establish the necessary partnerships to implement these two interventions in the ET3 model. In order to participate in the triage component of the ET3 model, CMS intends to equip the NOFO medical sorting line this spring with applications maturing this summer. In the fall, CMS provides for the allocation of cooperation bonuses and a two-year period. CMS provides available contact information for hit national coordinators, national health information exchange programmes and contact points for direct services. For more information or a list of candidates selected in the ET3 model, see By HLN Consulting, this report describes the evolution of the HIE landscape (including the current hie collaboration with IIS) and provides comments on the future of IIS-HIE cooperation. This CMS website shows a map of the states in which HIE Implementation Advanced Planning Documents (HIE IAPDs) has been approved or is being audited for the first time.

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