! Hi
My name is Amit Segall.

I'm an Ableton Live certified trainer and a producer/musician
.from Israel

.On this website you'll find many video tutorials about Ableton Live

Most of my videos are in Hebrew, since there are already lots of videos in English and none in Hebrew – and I live in Israel! 🙂 But for those of you who still wish to learn from my videos, some of the videos have English subtitles (and hopefully one day all of them will). Some videos have both Hebrew and English versions, and hopefully my website is organized enough for you to find what you are looking for in the different categories available in English

.I hope you'll find my website useful. Feel free to comment or write me if you have questions


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  1. מאת lindenl‏:

    hi, thanks for your template and guide!

    I'm very new to ableton but am having fun getting t grips with it.

    I have a newbie question for you if you have time to answer, might just be something very simple…

    I have been using your template as a learning resource and am finding it a great tool.

    Everything works as t should but I'm having difficulty with th automation aspect of the faders.

    All the effects, kills, sweeps and loops work fine yet when I use the faders "A S D F or Z X C V" the light flashes in the corresponding channel but the faders refuse to move.

    It is SO LIKELY I deleted / changed something whilst fiddling but have re-downloaded and re-opened just to try to fix.

    Please help, especially if it is something easy or stupid!

    big thanks


    • מאת AmitSegall‏:

      Hi there friend !
      the only thing i can come up with is the installation of either MIDI-YOKE or the IAC driver if you're using mac
      that's the only function that actually requier these and without them the fader would never work –
      make sure they are enable (the drivers i mean) and then everything will work great.

      good luck 🙂

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