Amit-live: Playing any song using Push

Hey there friends,
I decided to make a video explaining how you can play any song using Push,
explaining how simple it is actually requires to understand some music theory and understand few simple concepts – check out the video and then read the rest to get an in depth explanations :

some explanations about music theory : 
in a scale (minor or major for our matter) we have seven notes. thought the key of the notes may change the relations between the notes always stays the same.
let's take C major for instant:
the notes in the scale are : 1-C-2-D-3-E-4-F-5-G-6-A-7-B
the intervals between them are : Tone-Tone-Half-Tone-Tone-Tone-Half
that always stays the same no matter what key you are in – the intervals are fixed and they are what defines a scale.

using the push all you have to understad is that in a scale there are seven notes, and they go in a circule – if you'll know in what key you start you'll always know the rest for the scale according to  the point you started. for that matter there are only seven combinations of keys to start from and remember.

using the major scale you'll have the following order of chords:
it's very helpful to remember which of the numbers is what chord:

Playing any song using Push :
after getting the idea behind musical scales, just look on-line for songs you like and you'll   easily be able to find chords to play with – as i said in the video most of the time the first chord of the song will be number 1 in the scale – but it might change – if the chord has a m after it like Cm or Dm you should try changing push to Minor scale, or refer to the chord either number 2\3\6 of the scale – so keep that in mind. besides that you should just open your ears – worst case you'll make your own cover in your style of chords for the song.
if you encounter chords with tensions like 7/9/maj7 etc – just drop them for now it makes things simple. if you want to sing along and play with the original song you'll have to chage the key to the right one – the right one is number 1.

if you haven't got the chance to see my "major scale" video – it's a good example of playingsongs in different key which are all in major scale :

Bach originaly F major while Beatles for example is C major.

Feel free to write and comment

sorry for the weird alignment – my website is mosty in Hebrew which goes right-to-left and it's all messed-up

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