Tsawwassen First Nation Final Agreement (2009)

e. establish and publish, at least twenty-one days before the first day of voting, an official list of electors composed of the names of the persons whose names have been indicated by the registration committee and who are considered to have the right to vote by the ratification committee; d. Canada`s international obligations with respect to migratory birds. d. to draw up and publish, at least sixty days before the first day of voting, a provisional list of persons entitled to vote on the basis of the information provided by the Registration Committee; "International Criminal Court" means any international tribunal, committee, treaty body, tribunal, arbitral tribunal or other international mechanism or other international procedure for examining the performance of Canada with respect to the international obligation in question; "migratory birds" means birds as defined in federal law, adopted as a result of international conventions, and includes their eggs for safety reasons; 82. Where the Government of Tsawwassen legislates under Term 78 at the request of the Tsawwassen First Nation or British Columbia, these contracting parties will be able to provide kindergarten classes for the 12. negotiate and attempt to reach an agreement for: b. Notwithstanding all other priority rules of this Agreement, a federal law prevails with respect to peace, order and good governance, criminal law, human rights, the protection of the health and safety of all Canadians or other matters of predominant national importance to the extent of a conflict with a Tsawwassen Law. . .


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