Strategic Mandate Agreement University Of Ottawa

Four heads of government visited the university, including Edward Morris, first Baron Morris, the 2nd Prime Minister of Newfoundland,[149] Paul Martin, the 24th Prime Minister of Canada,[150] Philemon Yang, the eighth Prime Minister of Cameroon,[151][152] and Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, the 17th Prime Minister of Somalia. [153] Gabriela Michetti, Argentina`s 36th vice president, had also taken specialization courses at the University. [154] Premiers include Paul Okalik, Premier of Nunavut,[155] and Dalton McGuinty, 24th Premier of Ontario. [156] Six graduates were appointed judges of Puisne, one of whom became the chief justice of Canada. Among puisne`s judges were Louise Arbour,[157] Michel Bastarache,[158] Louise Charron,[159] Louis LeBel,[160] Richard Wagner,[161] and Gérald Fauteux. [162] Fauteux and Wagner later became Canada`s chief justice. The university manages the Center for Executive Leadership at the World Exchange Plaza. When the institution was established, the campus was next to Notre-Dame Basilica. Space being a great subject in 1852, the campus moved to a place located today in front of the National Gallery of Canada. In 1856, the institution moved to its current site. [18] The library dates back to the institution`s creation in 1848. In 1903, the main building of the university where the library was located was destroyed by fire; That is why all intellectual treasures have been lost.

After the fire, rebuilding the library was a top priority for university authorities and received donations from Canadian federal, provincial and foreign governments, including France, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries. On the 15th.

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