Stamp Duty Hypothecation Agreement Karnataka

2) In case the property is not given, the stamp duty to be paid is 10 rupees per five hundred rupees (rule 500 / -), the upper ceiling of the rupees being one lakh (rule 1.00.000 / -). Section 59 of the Bombay Stamp Debt Act provides that the stamp duty on the transfer of bonds with or without consideration (0.5%) of the equivalent of the bond is 0.5%. Section 6(2) of the Karnataka Stamp Act sets stamp duty on an agreement to pledge shares to be advanced or to advance as security for the repayment of funds, through loans or existing or future debt. The loan must be repayable on request and the stamp duty thresholds are as follows- In the event that the property is not given or agreed, the stamp duty paid is five rupees per thousand, which is (0.5%) the amount secured by such an act. The low ceiling for the payment of stamp duty is one hundred rupees (rule 100/-) and the top cap is ten lakh rupees. Section 6 of the Karnataka Stamp Act sets the stamp duty on the fair mortgage. . The petitioner`s erudite lawyer claimed that the parties treated the fictitious agreements as a main document and, in accordance with the government communication of 6/5/2002, has stamp duty of article 1.73.500 / …) and stamp duty was paid in accordance with the law. It is argued that, if the parties have decided for themselves that the mortgage instrument is intended to be the principal document, Respondent No. 2 .

Mortgage descriptors and 1 mortgage loan, the document that receives the highest stamp can only be treated as a main document and, therefore, the petitioner is right to address it. Section 54 of Schedule 1A of the West Bengal Stamp Act provides that the stamp duty for the return of the mortgaged immovable property is 6% of the market value if the consideration does not exceed Rs. 1,000/- in areas covered by the Kolkata Improvement Act, 1911 or the Howrah Improvement Act 1956, or other local authorities. However, if the real estate is not located in local authorities, the stamp duty is 5% (5%) of the market value. . Superintendent of the Stamps in Mumbai to declare a case for the opinion of the court in accordance with section 57 of the Stamp Act. 2. The defendant company borrowed money for its activities from the Central Bank of India Ltd. in Mumbai.

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