Investor Agreement Singapore

18.7 Assignment: This Investor Agreement is binding on each of the Parties, their respective assigns and any assignee or authorized assignee of some or all of a Party`s rights or obligations under this Agreement and for the benefit of this Agreement. Except as otherwise provided in this Investment Agreement, no Party shall have the right to assign or transfer any rights, obligations, agreements, obligations, commitments and/or obligations of that Party without the prior written consent of the other Parties. Our FTA partners are required not to impose nationality requirements on management positions in an investor`s company. Our FTA partners are required to provide non-discriminatory compensation for losses resulting from armed conflict or civil conflict. In our recent free trade agreements, our FTA partners are also required to compensate foreign investors for unnecessary damage or destruction of their investments by the armed forces or host state authorities. Note: The care agreement is based on the assumption that an investor makes a cash investment in a private company registered in Singapore, in exchange for receiving shares in such a company or cash when certain events occur. Investment pledges in free trade agreements link a minimum standard of treatment and minimum market access for our investors. Free trade agreements serve as an "insurance policy" to deter a trading partner from changing its legislation to become more restrictive, even if state regimes change. Free trade agreements offer investors the opportunity to intervene directly in the event of a trading partner`s breach of its FTA obligations and through the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism. By registering, you (the "Investor") have agreed to enter into this agreement on the use (the "Platform") and services (as defined below) under the terms ("Investor Agreement"). (t) as permitted under another agreement between the investor and FS. 1.1 This Investor Agreement and the documents mentioned above constitute the entire agreement between: a Term Sheet defines the main conditions under which an investor (or group of investors) will subscribe for shares of a company.

It also defines the ongoing rights and obligations of investors, founders and the company with respect to that company. Apart from certain provisions, a Term Sheet is a non-binding agreement and the parties concerned must enter into binding agreements to bring its terms into force. International investment agreements (IIAs) are divided into two types: (1) bilateral investment agreements and (2) investment agreements. A bilateral investment agreement (BIT) is an agreement between two countries on the promotion and protection of investments made by investors of the countries concerned in the territory of the other country. The vast majority of AIIs are BITs….

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