Hangar Sublease Agreement

If the tenant does not pay the rent on time or violates any of the terms of this agreement, the lessor has the reasons to distribute the tenant. After 15 days after receipt of a written eviction notice from the lessor, the tenant loses all rights to this agreement and will immediately evacuate the rented shed. Aircraft stored in the hangar: ____________________________N#__ You can copy and use this default aircraft rental agreement. The tenant must keep the shed in good condition. If the tenant damages the shed, he is fully responsible for the complete and complete repair of the damage in a timely manner. If the tenant does not advance the repairs on time, the landlord will carry out the repairs and charge all fees and expenses to the tenant and can put a pledge right on the tenant`s property against these costs. It is forbidden for the tenant to modify the shed or shed without the agreement of the owner. If the tenant makes changes without permission, the tenant agrees to bear all costs of restoring the modified property to its original condition. .. . . Owner: _________HangarTrader does not claim the legality of this document and we assume no responsibility for its use. The tenant must comply with all city and county rules and laws that are relevant to the airport environment..

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