Format Of Rent Agreement In Nepali

By order of the following events, a tenant may leave the rented house before the expiry of the rental period by sending the landlord a written notification of at least thirty-five days; b) If the tenant carries out in the rented house an illegal activity prohibited by law, * In case of termination of the house rental contract, it is the tenant`s obligation to return these properties in good condition. Unless otherwise provided in the contract, the tenant is obliged to carry out the repair and maintenance of the rented house if necessary. If the contract requires the landlord to carry out repairs and maintenance, the tenant must inform the landlord in writing in good time. The landlord has the right to market the tenant in the following circumstances: 2. If the owner leaves the house, a). A tenant who rents a house for commercial or industrial purposes takes out the insurance of the house for security purposes. However, if the taxable person does not withdraw insurance from the house and the house is damaged by disasters, riots, fires or other similar reasons, the tenant is responsible for the payment taking into account such damage. e) If, from a technical and sanitary point of view, the rented house does not seem suitable for human colonization, the owner has the right to inspect the rented house by notifying the tenant in advance. .

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