Bureau Veritas Confidentiality Agreement

10. Non-exclusivity: nothing is provided for and should not be interpreted in such a way that an exclusive agreement is concluded between Bureau Veritas and the customer. This agreement does not limit Bureau Veritas or the customer to acquire or provide similar, identical services or to other companies or sources. Bureau Veritas will treat all personal data confidentially and, in particular: – has implemented or implemented appropriate access procedures to regulate access to personal data; – undertakes that only persons required to be informed for the purpose of providing the services may access personal data, whether such persons are bound by legal or contractual obligations of confidentiality and that such persons process personal data only on the instructions of the customer, unless he or she is required to do so under European or current legislation. 13.4 Bureau Veritas security measures will preserve the security of personal data, in particular: based on the ISO17020 definition, Bureau Veritas defines the company`s privacy policy as "confidential information includes documents and records, both in the form of hardcopy and in the form of softcopy and models, the disclosure of such information resulting in a loss of actual or potential business value of the customer, Supplier, supplier or BVCPSIAAS. All information relating to the operations of the customer, seller, supplier and BVCPSI is considered confidential. Bureau Veritas has both the expertise and the documented procedures to ensure the proper management of legal samples. Please inform the service agent of the instructions before sampling. Advice, experts, legal analysis and hearings cost $300.00 per hour or by prior appointment. All related analyses are carried out at royalty rates.

If Bureau Veritas is not informed of the samples that may be involved in a dispute, a fee of $1000.00 will be charged. 14. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY 14.1 This clause 14 defines the total financial liability of Bureau Veritas Certification (including any liability for the acts or omissions of its related companies and their respective employees, Directors, senior officers, representatives, consultants and subcontractors) are directed to the Customer with respect to the Services, Certificate of Authorization and/or Reports, any breach of the Agreement, the Customer`s use of the Services, the Certificate of Authorization and/or the reports or any part thereof, as well as any warranties, representations or omissions (including negligence) arising out of or in connection with the Agreement. . . .

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