Agreement To Sell Gpa Holder

Yes, the holder of the AMP can legally accept the amount for which the authority is conferred on him. Note – The well-regulated legal situation is that SA/GPA/WILL transactions (i.e. the execution of surrogacy by the seller for the benefit of the buyer or his stock exchange who authorizes the lawyer to sell or transfer the property) are not "transfers" or "sales" and that such transactions cannot be treated as transfers or transfers concluded. They can continue to be treated as an existing purchase agreement. Nothing prevents the parties concerned from obtaining registered acts of transmission to supplement their title. The aforementioned "SA/GPA/WILL transactions" may also be used to obtain certain benefits or to defend the property in accordance with Section 53A of the TP Act. This type of transaction also has catastrophic collateral effects. For example, when the market value increases, many sellers (who have made proxy sales without registration) are tempted to resell the property by taking advantage of the fact that there is no instrument or registration registered in any public service, which deceives the buyer. If the buyer learns of the seller`s action in the context of these "proxy sales", he seeks without exception to resort to the help of muscular men to "clarify" the problem and protect his rights. On the other hand, the real estate mafia often buys real estate that is already being sold by proxy and then threatens buyers with "proxy sales" to assert their rights.

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