Withdrawal Agreement Bill Odds

I`m very grateful to the Right Hon. Gentlemen, he gave in. I would like to pay tribute to a former Labour leader, Tony Blair, who was the architect of the Good Friday Agreement, which gave Northern Ireland an urgent need for peace and stability after 30 years of cruel violence that has affected all communities across the island of Ireland. With a majority of 80 votes after Thursday`s general election, Mr Johnson is expected to put the law into force, with few changes in time for the UK to end its EU membership on 31 January. Time is running out for negotiations between Britain and the EU, although we continue to believe that the chances of reaching an agreement are accumulated. But nothing is guaranteed and, as we have learned throughout the Brexit process, there is still room for unexpected surprises "the subsequent agreement between the EU and the UK will indicate the parts of this protocol that it will replace" The withdrawal agreement itself contains a series of dispute resolution procedures that may arise. Section 168 states that these procedures are the only way to resolve these disputes. This involves discussions within the joint committee, arbitration in the absence of an agreement and even expedited arbitration when matters are urgent. The government did not refer any disputes to arbitration.

The right-wing gentleman has known this for more than a year. There are no surprises. I certainly have real concerns about that, but I have to tell him that I have known about it for some time. It did not appear in my right. Friend of the Prime Minister`s agreement. We whipped it through the White Paper and with a wise vote after a good vote. In all honesty, we must ask ourselves the following question: has this House not debated this element with a view to absolute destruction? That is exactly the assurance I can give. That is exactly what this bill is doing and what this agreement has guaranteed.

The Prime Minister told Parliament today that the agreement did not exclude his interpretation of the Assembly, but paragraph 8 of Article 13 states very clearly that any violation [of international law] is totally contrary to the hopes that the election of President Biden will lead to a relaunch of the rules of the international order which I will communicate to the Assembly that I am now considering advice on the certification of the European Union (withdrawal agreement). Bill on The Order of Standing No. 83J, with which our colleagues are certainly all familiar – the certification of bills, etc., which concern exclusively England or England and Wales and which fall within the declawed legislative jurisdiction – and I have come to the conclusion that the bill does not meet the certification criteria.

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