Service Agreement Malaysia

A start and end date is usually indicated to indicate how long the supplier and customer are bound by the terms of the service contract. A provision that this data is amended or renewed by written agreement is also included. 9.1.1 For the purposes of this section:- "Services" covers all forms of action implemented by SiteGiant for the benefit of the client. Like what. B, confirming the customer`s identity, contacting you on SiteGiant products and updates, sending invoices and providing support and customer service. SiteGiant also uses customer data to ensure that SiteGiant meets legal requirements. The separation of the legal and technical aspects of the agreement that are allowed in this format is useful in practice, as it makes it easier for suppliers to refer to technical requirements. The purpose of a service contract is to clarify the scope and standard of services to be provided – the cost and duration of delivery, the consequences of non-compliance with required standards, and other rights and obligations of both parties. You agree to defend Stripe, our related companies and their respective employees, agents and service providers (a "stripe entity") against all claims, actions, receivables, losses, damages, actions or proceedings (a "claim" by a third party) against a stripe entity, and you agree to ask the stripe entities for all claims arising from: (i) your breach of a provision of this agreement to fully reimburse; (ii) fees, fines, litigation, refunds, cancellations, returns or any other liability arising from your use of payment settlement services; (iii) the involuntary or intentional misconduct of your staff, contractors or agents; or (iv) contractual or other relationships between you and the customer.

(iv) causes unauthorized work or services on ADT devices or authorizes the unauthorized opening of the control panel, detectors or detection devices; Or we can also give you access to services identified as "beta" or preversion services. You understand that these services are still in development, that they may contain errors or errors, that they may be incomplete, that they change substantially before any full commercial publication, or that they can never be published commercially. We provide ALS IS beta services, and without any warranty, and your use or trust in beta services is done at your own risk. 10.7 Force majeure. SITEGIANT and its affiliates, representatives, employees or licensees (including third parties responsible) are not liable for non-compliance with an obligation under this agreement if such a failure is due to the occurrence of contingencies beyond the proper control of that party, including, but not limited to fires, floods, strikes and other industrial disruptions, refusal of boarding, refusal of boarding , accident, merchandise, riot, insurrection, act or order of government authority. The performance is resumed as soon as possible after the end of this case. However, if this disability persists for fifteen (15) days, the other party can terminate the contract without penalty or further announcement. 3.3 Other work. SITEGIANT has the right to implement and license products to others for the duration of the agreement. SITEGIANT may choose to monitor hosting services electronically and disclose content or recordings in order to comply with law, regulations or other administrative requests, or to properly operate host services and protect their customers.

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