Massachusetts Probation Collective Bargaining Agreement

1. supervise probation operations in all courts in the community and, to that end, the Commissioner and the Commissioner`s staff have access to all probation records of those courts; Section 99. The Commissioner has executive control and oversight of the probation service and has the power: 21 May 2020 Update to 229 members On Thursday, the Union Court indicated that it did not have the means to comply with the collectively negotiated contract to "pay all members of the tribunal until 30 June until 75 hours." Please know that the Union will follow all legal channels at its disposal to see that our members, on the basis of the treaty signed by both parties, receive all the funds they deserve! At this point, what we do know is that there will definitely be a comp time refund until June 30, 2020, we just don`t know how much. As soon as we receive this information, we will update everyone. Please know that the Union will contact the court on a daily basis in order to find a solution to this problem that guarantees our members that they will recover. We will approve nothing less! In another context, we are waiting for us to come to the table in the near future to deal with the huge government budget deficit. This could lead to discussions on tariff reductions, furloughs and possibly incentives for early retirement n. Rest assured that the Union has a seat at this table when discussions of this magnitude take place, and we will always inform and do what is in the best interests of our membership. Please feel free to send us questions you have. (8) submit written recommendations to the Judicial Administrator each year regarding the probation service budget, in addition to budget requests made by first judges on behalf of their respective courthouses or courts, including probation rooms; 6. develop and implement basic guidance and training programs for probation officers that must be implemented at these times and at times set by the Commissioner; (3) the adoption of rules and rules for probation officers or probation offices; however, if these rules and regulations are approved in writing by the Judicial Administrator, subject to Chapter 150E; 2. establish, subject to the approval of the Chief Justice of the Court, reports and forms to be maintained by probation officers, define procedures for probation officers and establish probation standards and rules, including methods and procedures for investigations, mediation, supervision, and case handling. , records, accounting and file administration; (5) receive any notification of any disciplinary action being considered against a probation officer or probation officer in charge of supervision, including reprimands, monetary penalties, suspension, demotion or release, which may be initiated by a first judge, a line officer or a senior probation officer; (9) hold annual regional meetings with key probation officers to discuss the budgetary needs of local probation centres; And (10) hold community-wide probation conferences; However, provided that the travel expenses of judges or probation officers authorized by the Judicial Administrator to attend such a conference are paid by the community.

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