Local 113 Atu Collective Agreement Ttc

1. Has the employer (the Toronto Transit Commission) not protected its employees from the nuisances on his company`s Twitter account (@TTChelps), which are contrary to the Ontario Human Rights Code and the collective agreement? The development of acceptable responses for both parties for the employer and the Union could provide assistance to senior service managers who respond to the tweets received by @TTChelps and arise from the fact that the responses they have provided are not contrary to the collective agreement or TTC`s legal obligations. It may also be advantageous for the parties to develop guidelines acceptable to both parties as to when such information should be provided and whether tweeters should simply indicate that, if they wish to file a complaint, they should contact the TTC by telephone or through the TTC website (paragraph 146). With respect to all of these categories, the union argued that the reactions to customers` tweets were inappropriate and showed that the employer was on the client`s side before any type of lawsuit. Below are some examples of customer tweets and TTC response: For more information: Contact with the media: Tel: 416-803-1804, e-mail: [email protected] 2 bus trips two completely different experiences. Driver 1 #dick Driver 2 #goodhuman #ttc @TTChelps #toronto Despite this serious health threat, an overwhelming majority of employees work on the TTC front to get people, including health professionals, to where they need to be. The mismanagement of TTC is responsible for the overcrowding and impact of TORONTO services, 31 March 2020 /CNW/ – Carlos Santos, president of union Amalgamated Transit (ATU) Local 113, issued the following statement, after TTC management appeared to blame staff for medical sheets and self-isolation for overloaded TTC vehicles and reduced services. . @TTChelps should not only report that the TTC does not tolerate the posting of photos of TTC staff members on Twitter, but should also ask insulting tweeters to immediately delete posted photos and report that if they do not, they will be blocked. If this response does not result in the photo being deleted immediately, @TTChelps block the tweeter (number 136). TTC workers absent during the coronavirus pandemic are responsible by following the advice of public health professionals and political leaders, including the Prime Minister, who has also isolated himself due to possible exposure to coronaviruses.

The TTC`s Chief of Safety issued a statement last week in which he reiterated Toronto`s Public Health recommendation that "we ask all employees and the public to monitor symptoms and stay home if they are sick." I understand your TTC frustrated, but does not tolerate any threat against our employees Please call if you have a complaint According to a TTC spokesperson, the absenteeism rate has gone from 6 percent typical to more than 20 percent because workers are sick or isolated due to the recent travel history or possible exposure to coronavirus.

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