Winnipeg Paramedic Collective Agreement

When an arbitration proceeding is set up to deal with a dispute that occurred in a year in accordance with the terms of employment, a collective agreement or arbitration award made under section 11 occurs on January 1 of that year and after January 1 of that year, whether the City Council has or can anticipate expenses for that year or part of it. This portion applies only to firefighters represented in collective bargaining under the main legislation by a union that has a valid certificate of subsisting issued by the board of directors certifying that it is the bargaining partner of these firefighters. "collective agreement," the meaning given to this expression in the main legislation; ("conventional collective") (d) the city and the bargaining partner for the paramedics have not entered into a new collective agreement; CUPE Local 500 collective agreements and manages fourteen collective agreements and are approximately 5,000 members. Our rates range from one member to about 5000 in the City of Winnipeg. It appears that the city used similar tactics in negotiations with paramedics in 2010, shortly after they joined the Manitoba government and the General Union of Emplyees (MGEU). The agreement comes at a time when relations between MGEU 911 and the city remain delicate. In March, Fire Chief John Lane promised to improve relations with sub-members after an arbitrator ruled that he had violated the respectful work policy. The Minister may set up an arbitration body to deal with the dispute and formulate a collective agreement or renew or revise an existing or previous collective agreement between the parties. If an application for the appointment of an arbitration body is not submitted within the Section 6 deadline or if the Minister refuses to appoint an arbitration body, the existing collective agreement at the time of the information is fully applicable in accordance with Section 5 and comes into effect until December 31 of next year, after the expiry of the deadline or the Minister`s refusal to do so. , in accordance with the aforementioned deadline.

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