United Steelworkers Canada Collective Agreement

The interim agreement between the Canadian National Railway Co. and the United Steelworkers Union was approved by a national ratification vote. UsW is the largest private sector union in Canada and North America, with more than 225,000 members in Canada and more than 800,000 members on the continent. Today, workers need strong and effective unions more than ever, and the United Steelworkers are here for you. Through collective bargaining and the solidarity of our active and retired members, we will continue to fight for the dignity of work. "This agreement reflects the fact that these maintenance workers work every day in extremely difficult conditions and provide essential services for CN`s operations." In addition to the annual salary increases granted under a five-year contract, it includes improving health, dental and health services, as well as improving travel costs for the 3,000 union members who inspect, wait and repair CN`s infrastructure. "I congratulate the leaders and members of the local USW in 2004 for their solidarity in achieving a good collective agreement that benefits Both Kn and workers and their families," said Ken Neumann, the union`s national director. United Steelworkers Local 2009 is based in Langley, British Columbia. It`s a profound story with IWA. IWA was founded in 1937 as an International Woodworkers of America, when it was a union representing lumberjacks and mill workers in Canada and the United States. September 1, 2004, IWA. Canada merged with the United Steelworkers of America.

Our local union was founded by the merger of the former local IWA 3567 and ETC Local 2952. Read: New Contract for CN Rail Mechanics: Performance Improvement The United Steelworkers union has helped men and women achieve better wages, benefits, working conditions and workplace justice for more than 70 years. The ETC is proud of our work in the areas of health and safety, equality, human rights, global justice, environmental measures, organization and education. Through unions like ours, Canadians have been able to compensate for better wages, better medical, medical and dental care, life insurance and pensions. And all Canadians have benefited from the political work of the USW. Steelmakers are considered by many to be the Health and Safety Union and played an important role in the lobbying of Bill C-45 (Westray Bill). The ratification comes days after the railway`s 2,100 mechanics, electricians and apprentices ratified a new contract that provided for a 11 percent wage increase over four years. Local 2009 represents about 3,000 members in many sectors, including sawmills, felling, steel production, steel manufacturing, remanufacturing, nurseries and greenhouses, window and window manufacturing, plastics, transportation and trucking, gaming equipment, offices and warehouses, auto parts, health facilities, universities and much more.

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