Agreement Cartoon Images

"Before I go on, Julia, I want you to sign this damn love agreement." "I need you to sign this binding agreement, that you acknowledge that you said no, that you do not want dessert and that you renounce any pretensions to mine." "My wife is very interested in checking the finest details before we sign anything." Boss, speaking to the lawyer: "These new conditions you have designed for us are extremely long and too complex – our clients will never understand them. Well done Jones!` "This proposed treaty requires more work. I don`t feel guilty about it. "Have your parents sign this personal space injury waiver . . . then you can play during the day. "An oral contract is not worth the paper on which it is written. "Do people really know each other? No no. That`s why they get married to formalize the ignorant. "That`s right, now we call it "football" and the "players" are going to hit it! "And to respect the rules of government and industry, only at the beginning, where it says: "I`m probably a big idiot to sign this! Law School Contracts 101: Write with words that no one can understand. "With the threat that the ABS could compete for the Council`s work, it will be even more difficult… "New Year`s resolutions, paragraph 45, clause iv, in which we will attempt to clarify the concept of "butter buttocks." "Oh my Gosh, you`re fine! The border between our franchised territories is 54th Street! I`m sorry, man! That`s all I have to do! "There are parts of this contract that everyone could understand. You have to rewrite it! "Page 2, paragraph 6: The moral surge – we are ready to give in totally on this point. "Maybe it`s Christmas and people are getting their hair down… »

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